Learn about all of the ML Library Makerspace Resources

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One of our 5 3D printers

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Learn to Design 3 dimensional objects with TinkerCad

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Use Cura software to properly print your 3D object

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Scratch Programming – The standard for teaching students how to program creative stories, games, music videos, and more!

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8 Lenovo Windows 10 Laptops

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12 Makey Makeys – A little but POWERFUL device that allows students to connect the digital and physical worlds.  [No more keyboards or swiping!]

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12 Fire Tablets – Allowing Completely Mobile Robotics and Programming (including outdoors!)

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12 Hummingbird Robotics Kits – Learn all about sensors and kids get to use their imagination to create and program fantastic robots

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12 Spheros – Program these indestructible rolling robots to swim, jump, paint, and sense its surrounding!

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12 Micro:Bits for Advanced programming applications.  Make the Bits communicate with each other, Hummingbird, and Makey Makey!

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Say Hello to Wonder Dash!  Perfect, adorable robot to teach ages 3+ about robotics.  Wonder Dash can play the xylophone, launch a ball, draw, and more!

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Cameo Silhouette Design Printer & Cutter – So much amazing fun and educational functionality; from learning VECTOR GRAPHICS to designing cards, bookmarks, stickers, and pop-upables!

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Makedo Construction Tools and Scrus – Kids can design create their own cardboard costumes, castles, play sets, and more by using scru drivers and kid friendly saws.

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A lot of Strawbees!  Take straws + special connectors and watch kids explore and learn all about spatial object creation.  They can even add motors and bring their creations to life.

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Gears and Pulleys!  Students can explore and create mechanical structures.

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1000s of Legos + K’nex (Thank You ML Comunity for all of your donations!)

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Squishy Circuits – Everyone LOVES Squishy Circuits.  Learn all about circuitry with play doh, LEDS, and motors.  Create your own switches!

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Learn, Explore, and Create movie magic with our giant Green Screen!  Who wouldn’t want to act with Minecraft pandas?

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