Learn about all of the ML Library Makerspace Resources

One of our 5 3D printers

Learn to Design 3 dimensional objects with TinkerCad

Use Cura software to properly print your 3D object

Scratch Programming – The standard for teaching students how to program creative stories, games, music videos, and more!

8 Lenovo Windows 10 Laptops

12 Makey Makeys – A little but POWERFUL device that allows students to connect the digital and physical worlds.  [No more keyboards or swiping!]

12 Fire Tablets – Allowing Completely Mobile Robotics and Programming (including outdoors!)

12 Hummingbird Robotics Kits – Learn all about sensors and kids get to use their imagination to create and program fantastic robots

12 Spheros – Program these indestructible rolling robots to swim, jump, paint, and sense its surrounding!

12 Micro:Bits for Advanced programming applications.  Make the Bits communicate with each other, Hummingbird, and Makey Makey!

Say Hello to Wonder Dash!  Perfect, adorable robot to teach ages 3+ about robotics.  Wonder Dash can play the xylophone, launch a ball, draw, and more!

Cameo Silhouette Design Printer & Cutter – So much amazing fun and educational functionality; from learning VECTOR GRAPHICS to designing cards, bookmarks, stickers, and pop-upables!

Makedo Construction Tools and Scrus – Kids can design create their own cardboard costumes, castles, play sets, and more by using scru drivers and kid friendly saws.

A lot of Strawbees!  Take straws + special connectors and watch kids explore and learn all about spatial object creation.  They can even add motors and bring their creations to life.

Gears and Pulleys!  Students can explore and create mechanical structures.

1000s of Legos + K’nex (Thank You ML Comunity for all of your donations!)

Squishy Circuits – Everyone LOVES Squishy Circuits.  Learn all about circuitry with play doh, LEDS, and motors.  Create your own switches!

Learn, Explore, and Create movie magic with our giant Green Screen!  Who wouldn’t want to act with Minecraft pandas?

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