The Mountain Lakes Free Public Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American Library Association Council meeting at Atlantic City, NJ, June 18, 1948:

“Freedom to read and have free access to ideas is the tradition and heritage of Americans, and as a responsibility of Library service, books and other materials selected should be chosen for values of interest, information and enlightenment.”

1. Book/material selection should be the responsibility of the Librarian.

2. The Librarian should have complete freedom of action in the development of the collection.

3. Books and other materials should be chosen for values of interest, stimulation, information and enlightenment of all the people in the community.

4. Books and materials chosen should include those of basic, permanent values, and those of timely interest. No book should be excluded because of the race or nationality or the political or religious views of the writer.

5. No book should be removed from the shelf because of partisan disapproval if it is reading matter of sound factual authority.

6. Particular needs and interests of the community should be of first importance in the selection of all materials.

7. The Library should endeavor to make easily accessible to groups materials which will contribute toward their special interests.

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