Loan Periods
2 days New DVDs and Blu-rays
7 days All other DVDs and Blu-rays
14 days New Adult Fiction and Nonfiction books
New YA books
21 days All other Adult, Juvenile, and YA books Audiobooks and Music CDs
Renewals: All eligible items on your account will be automatically renewed up to 2 times, as long as no one is waiting for them. Autorenewal occurs 3 days before the due date. Additional renewals may be granted if the material has not been requested by another patron.

DVDs, Blu-rays, and Kindles must be borrowed on an adult card with that adult present.

Materials may be returned to any library in Morris County, with the exception of Kindles, which must be returned to Mountain Lakes.

Patrons are encouraged to return items, particularly new items, by their due date to make the material available to other patrons.

**Please note that items placed in the book drop after hours will not be checked in until the following morning and may accrue fines.**

Patron Responsibilities

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. A parent or guardian is responsible for all materials charged out by children under the age of 18. Returning materials late may result in the disruption of borrowing privileges. Lost materials, or damages beyond reasonable wear, will be assessed by the library and paid by the patron. We accept cash or checks.


 Kindles  $5.00 per day
 WiFi Hotspots  $5.00
 Portable Chargers  $5.00

Lost/damaged materials: Replacement cost
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