The Mountain Lakes Free Public Library has a Meeting Room available as a community service, to non-profit organizations and local groups. A Fee Scale is

The Meeting Room of the Mountain Lakes Free Public Library may be reserved for public gatherings by individuals or groups when not being used for Library programs. Permission to use the Library Meeting Rooms in no way implies Library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or its program.

The Meeting Room of the Library may not be identified as a sponsor of any organization’s function or belief. The Library’s name, address and telephone number may not be used as a designated headquarters or as a point of contact for information regarding any meeting/event.

Library functions and Library related activities have priority over any and all non-library uses. In addition, priority will be given to Mountain Lakes-based groups.

The Library may cancel or amend the length of any reservation according to its discretion for reasons, including but not limited to, unsafe conditions or failure
of necessary equipment; substitution of Library activity; improper use of facilities on a prior occasion.

The Meeting Room is available for use until 11:00 pm daily and must be reserved in advance. Written or electronic Reservation Applications must be
submitted to the Library Director prior to the time of the meeting/event. All applications must be approved by the Library Director and will be considered in the order of their receipt. If an organization or group needs to cancel a reservation, it should notify the library a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
(Copy of Application for Meeting Room Reservation/Use is appended).

It is the responsibility of the using group to turn out the lights and securely lock the door. The designated representative will obtain the key from the
Circulation Desk on the day of or preceding the meeting/event. The key is to be put into the Book Drop at the conclusion of the meeting/event.

The Public Meeting Room is limited for use to 68 persons, including children. Parking is available; however, all attendees are encouraged to park nearby, in front of the Mountain Lakes Train Station, during hours when the Library is open. Parking is prohibited in the spaces marked “Library Users Only” in front
of the Library.

Advertisement of an event may not be posted on the premises without prior approval of Library personnel.

Smoking is prohibited in all parts of the building and on the grounds. The use or presence of intoxicating drinks or drugs is prohibited in the building
and on the grounds.

The sponsor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Mountain Lakes Free Public Library, its officers, employees and agents from any loss, damage, liability, costs and/or expenses that may arise during or be caused in any way by use of the Library facilities and equipment by the sponsor or invitees of the sponsor. Damage to the Library property, beyond ordinary wear and tear, will be charged to the sponsor. There must be no nailing to floors, walls, or fixtures, and the building equipment must not be marked or defaced in any manner. Use of open flames or candles in the meeting rooms is prohibited.

Supplies may not be stored at the Library for groups using the meeting room. The Library shall not be responsible for receipt, storage, or disposal of equipment or supplies furnished by the sponsor. The Library shall not be responsible for loss or damage to property of the sponsor or invitees of the sponsor. The sponsor and its invitees shall bear the risk of any property brought into the Library.

The organization using the Meeting Room is responsible for leaving it in a clean and orderly condition. At the conclusion of the event the sponsor shall promptly clean up any debris and remove from the premises all materials and equipment provided by the sponsor.

Refreshments may be served. Kitchenette facilities are available, however, no coffee maker is provided. No food is to be left in the room. All garbage is
to be REMOVED.

Programs may not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Persons attending meetings are subject to all Library rules and regulations and may be asked to leave if they do not abide by them. The sponsor is responsible for maintaining proper order on the part of all participants and adhering to all applicable state, federal, and municipal regulations. Meetings will always have present at least one adult who is responsible (an adult is a person 18 years of age or older).

Meetings do not have to be open to the public. However, a Library staff member may be present at any time during any meeting/event.

The Library Board of Trustees or the Library Director reserves the right to cancel or suspend any permission granted to any group or organization that violates these regulations.

The Library Board of Trustees or the Director of the Library reserves the right to amend or waive these regulations at any time and to limit the number
and frequency of public meetings.

Adopted by the Mountain Lakes Free Public Library Board of Trustees at their meeting of June 6, 2006.

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